New Years Resolutions - How to make them, how to keep them!

New Year Resolutions

We often enter the new year with new resolutions - something we want to change, do differently, a behaviour or a goal we want to attain - be it health, wealth or happiness related. Here a few hints on how to make that happen!

Choose your resolution well:

Resolutions will never last if they are not meaningful to you. Choose something which is truly important to you, not what you 'think' would be good to do. Find the 'why' behind it - why it's important, what it means, how it might change you, help you or help those around you.

Keep it positive:

Frame your outcome in a positive way. For example, instead of 'I want to loose 5kg', how about changing it to 'I'm looking forward to wearing my size 12 jeans again' or 'I'll be able to run 3k's without stopping'. Have it something you actually get excited about it!

Break it down:

Figure out what steps you need to do to make it happen. Is there something you need to do before you can start on your journey? A phone call? Equipment? Get it ready, make the call.

Visualise it!:

Spend some time not only visualising the outcome, but the steps you have to take to achieve it. There is plenty evidence out there which supports the act of visualisation to support your goals. Start with a 10 or 15 minutes visualisation and then...

Reaffirm your resolution on a daily basis:

Have this written down by your bed, on the fridge or an object placed (eg. walking shoes by the bed) where you will be constantly reminded of your resolve. Practice your visualisation for a few minutes each morning upon awakening.

Get an ally:

Telling someone you trust, be it a friend, teacher, coach, partner or your whole Facebook family can help get support, help you out with the challenging times and keep you true to your word!

Celebrate Often:

Reward yourself regularly for your good work, celebrate your achievements, pat yourself on the back. This results in you continuing the good habits you have created!

Something for you. Something for someone else. Something for the planet.

We here at One Life are big on not only doing something wonderful for yourself, but also something for others (as we know that the act of giving is great for improving Happiness). And while we are at it - let's make a move to improve the planet as well - help make the planet a better place - emotionally or physically.

Want some ideas?

  • Start a garden
  • Begin buying some organic foods (kinder on you, kinder on the planet!)
  • Begin composting! (Reduce your rubbish output and feed your soil)
  • Use public transport, walk or bike to work/friends/market
  • Reduce your plastic consumption (bring bags to the supermarket, have your own stainless water container)
  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Recycle clothes, reduce rubbish, reuse wrapping paper
  • Find a daily relaxation practice - meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathing. (You deserve it!)
  • Declutter - declutter your inbox, your house, your closet, your Facebook friends - whatever you feel you need to clear some space in your mind.
  • Promise to love yourself just a little more. Speak kindly to yourself, care and nurture your mind, body and soul