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Mental health and wellness

Whether you are health professionals or simply an organisation or small group who want to know how to best support your mental health with nutrition and lifestyle - One Life offers small and large group education, workshops and training.

Training includes: understanding how neurotransmitters are made and what ‘ingredients’ (ie marco and micro nutrients) are necessary to make them. How chronic inflammation, gut issues and poor diets are linked directly to mental health issues.

This training looks at what we can do as individual for ourselves, our friends and family and our larger community to best support mental health and well-being.

"Really informative and easy to navigate new information. Learning about nutrition and how it affects my mood is a great way to help me reach my mental health goals. This gives me the confidence and the knowledge to do the best I can to help myself - and it only took one evening!" - A.E. Pukekohe

Health Professionals

There are many ways to support mental health alongside medication. However these very important components of mental health care are often omitted from general training for mental health professionals - including medical staff. This training provides staff the research, evidence and practical implications of how diet and lifestyle factors influence mental wellness and what we can do to support mental well-being in our patients.

This includes information such as:

  • The SMILES study - which showed that a change from a S.A.D. diet to a Modified Mediterranean diet has a 30% reduction in diagnosable depression (Jacka 2016),

  • Research around the impact of a 'Junk Food Diet' and how this may impact mood and mental illness and behaviour (Sánchez-Villegas et al. 2012

  • Common nutrient deficiencies found in psychiatric patients.

The content of this training is designed to stimulate thought and action outside of the current paradigm and give confidence to Mental Health professionals working directly with patients to take a more holistic approach to Mental Health Care. This training is in line with the national aim to improve well-being in all sectors of the community and the aim of reducing suicide rates in New Zealand.

Mental Health and Nutrition

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