Commencing Tues 23rd April 7.30pm for four weeks


If you suffer from depression or anxiety - or simply want to understand how you can best support your mental health - this course is for you! This four week webinar is designed to help you understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle behaviours which support mental wellness. It will provide you with tips and techniques to reduce help depressive symptoms, help you understand what supplements might be helpful for you and give you support on interpreting blood tests and navigating the medical world.

Are you doing everything you can do to support your mental health?

Feeling depressed (whether diagnosed as having depression or not) and experiencing anxiety are two of the most common forms of mental illness experienced by New Zealanders. Both of which can contribute to you living below your potential. Research suggests that there are actions we can incorporate into our lives to lesson the symptoms of mild mental illness and increase our general wellbeing; from diet to lifestyle; supplements to improving physical health.

A little about ‘one life’

This course is run by a registered nurse with 15 years experience in psychiatry and two years practice in holistic health care. More recently she has studied with ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine). Her focus and passion is on supporting clients to live the best life they can live through one on one life coaching, mental health education and group seminars. The information presented in this webinar is unbiased and is not sponsored by any product or company.

what’s covered in this course:


You will learn how neurotransmitters such as serotonin are made and what's necessary to make them. You will learn the nutrients that are commonly deficient in people who suffer from mental illness and what you can do about it. General diet and supplementation will be discussed.

week two

You will learn what the research says is beneficial in the way of lifestyle behaviours that support well-being - including the Mental Health Foundations Five Ways to Well-being - and the importance of sleep and exercise. We will also discuss the types of alternative medicines used, including probiotics and supplements.

week three

You will learn how to interpret your blood tests most related to mental health and what your levels should look like. You will learn what other medical conditions might be contributing to your mental state and what you can do about them.

Week Four

You will learn about mindfulness and how can it be helpful and help you decide what type of meditation is best for you. We will dive into the concept of compassion and how this can affect your well-being. There will also be a short summary session of the full four weeks.

***This will be a live webinar - dates to be confirmed.***

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