Happiness is...

June 25th 2017

In a rerun from 2016 - I've decided to revive this again for 2017. 

From the first of July, for one month I will be posting a photo which represents "Happiness" in whatever form it takes for you. To contribute - take a photo (everyday if you wish!!) which represents happiness - share it on Instagram with: #onelifehappinessis2017 or @onelifenz, send the photo to: onelifenz@mail.com with the subject line "Happiness Is", private message it or share it to the One Life Facebook Page. I'll chose at least one photo a day to post on this page - I want to flood this with images of what makes you happy - and encourage you to take a moment enjoy what you already have in your life to be thankful for.

What the research says

Focusing on the things that make us happy - helps to - well - make us happy. It's about savouring the moment. It's about amplifying the good times and making them last and being more in the present moment. It involves the concepts of giving thanks and feeling grateful, with benefits going well beyond just making you feel happy - but also extending to improvements in physical health, boosting your immune function and reducing inflammation. It fits into one of the fundamental Five Ways of Well-being and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand supports it. There is even an apple app collecting data on this subject for research which you can participate in.

Of course we can't capture all the moments that give us joy and make us smile (and we wouldn't want to!) but there are some moments during the day where you can easily snap a quick pic of the moment - a moment in time for you to savour.

Happy Snapping!

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July 2017 Happiness is.....

Below are some of the photo's of 2016