We only have One Life, Create a Life Worth Living


We all deserve to be living lives outside of ordinary. Although life will thrust challenges our way – we have the ability to create resilience and live our lives as fully and completely as possible. With the right tools, support and guidance we can find ways to restore the balance and help recreate your life into one that is truly worth living.

One Life - Helen Duyvestyn


With a focus on health, lifestyle and wellness, 'One Life' provides a mindful approach to assist you to achieve your goals and get the life you want to be living. 

We use a combination of traditional health expertise with the skills and tools of a Life Coach to enable you to feel more positive about your future while making you feel better about yourself and more in love with your life, today.

We understand that the key to wellness is multidimensional and are happy to work with other health professionals to help you achieve your full potential.

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I am a registered nurse, hold a Masters in Health Science (Mental Health) and a Life Coach. I am passionate about helping people live their best life possible - body, mind and soul. Life is too short to live less that what we are capable of - and we are often capable of living lives much greater than we imagine.

I am very much focused on helping people seek and achieve the right attitude, right lifestyle and right actions to create the life they want to be living.

Ready to take the next step? Move towards the Life you deserve to be living. Contact me to arrange a consultation - find out how I can help you today

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for information on the Four week mental health care course please see:

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Helen is a registered comprehensive nurse and abides by the rules and regulations of the New Zealand Nursing Council . This includes the NZNC Codes of Practice and Continuing Competencies within her scope of practice.

One Life is a Registered Provider with WINZ

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