useful links to websites

GREATER GOOD IN ACTION - This is a fantastic website developed by the Berkley University - the by-line being "Science Based Practices for a Meaningful Life". They have a number of common 'issues' that we face (such as burn-out, holding a grudge, feeling deflated) and give tips and techniques on how to deal with them. Based on research, it suggests that happiness, resilience and kindness are skills which we can develop and enhance within ourselves over time.

THE WELLNESS REPORT - A questionnaire designed by Dan Rupsteen et al. It takes a holistic overview of your health and helps to identify areas which may need improvement as well as some hints and tips to help you get there. Dan also co-created the organisation LIVE MORE AWESOME a charity organisation to help improve mental health and support people who suffer from anxiety and or depression.

MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION of New Zealand. The emphasis is moving away from focusing solely on mental illness to focusing more on a mental wellness approach. This site has a lot of information specifically for New Zealanders on both mental illness and the concepts of mental health.

CALM - Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind. A website designed by the University of Auckland with free meditation downloads as well as advice on coping with stress, building resilience and much more. Although a little clinical looking, it does have some great resources, so take a good look around.

THE LOWDOWN - A website developed for youth suffering from depression - doesn't matter how old you are - there are a few tips and helpful advice, as well as some Kiwi music to listen to!

THE MAYO CLINIC - A US based organisation - which has some great advice based on research. You can search the site for just about anything - and it's mostly provided in plain easy to understand language.

suggested readings

I highly recommend anything by the wonderful Pema Chodron - especially in times of grief of despair. He teachings are incredibly gentle and kind and are just what you need when you are struggling with life

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millan. One of my all time favourite books, and one worth reading time and time again

Anything by the wonderful Jack Kornfield. He's that man I first learned to meditate to - in the days with cassette tapes. You can now download any of his talks via the www.

I've also particularly liked Neale Donald Walsh over the years - something to get the brain thinking outside of oneself.

Lodro Rinzler has written a number of modern day books suitable for the meditating guru's - and how to cope with ordinary life and circumstances. Books with titles such as "The Buddha Walks into a Bar", combines old knowledge with modern day problems and a 'how to' to approach them.