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Many times over the years I felt that there was a huge disparity to the services that GP's were able to offer due to limited time and resources and the requirement of severity for patients to be accepted in to the CMHC's. Patients, the normal, average mildly depressed and or anxious patients are often not getting the support and education they would benefit from – because they did not fit the criteria for government input. They are often given the option of a prescription of anti-depressant or anxiolytic medication, but very little else.

We know that there is so much that contributes to a persons well-being. It may be a simple depression or mild anxiety that given support, time and the right practical tools resolve with or without medication use.

Unfortunately patients miss out on some of the techniques, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and tools that might help them take those extra few steps towards wellness. They miss out on the support or motivation from an external source which may mean the difference between going for a walk during the day and making healthier food options and feeling stuck and unable to help themselves.

There are ways we can enhance wellness, help patients recover from anxiety or depression, help them pave their own road to recovery, find their balance and begin to learn ways in which they can learn to help themselves – tools which they can use for a lifetime.

With experience in psychiatry, mindfulness and a passion for helping people to achieve their best, enhance their own wellness and deal with difficult emotions and feelings, I believe there is so much more we can offer the people that we treat.

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