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A life worth living - workshop

"Simple strategies, simple tools, world of difference!"

February 2oth 2017

A successful seminar held in 2015, three times in 2016, will be repeated in February 2017.

"For those sensing a feeling of disconnect with their lives - or even just needing a reminder of what life is really all about - this is a five hour gathering guaranteed to help you feel more connected with your life, enhance your joy, feel more positive, build resilience and help create a life that truly is worth living." All information presented is based on research from universities and researchers around the world.

Presenters are Rebecca Scheibmair: a registered clinical psychologist and Helen Duyvestyn: a registered nurse and life coach, with special guest speaker: Rebecca Stafford (PhD in Health Psychology)

This is about investing in yourself, your growth, your happiness and well-being. You deserve to be living life to the fullest life imaginable! Don't miss out on this special locally held event - it will be well worth your time.

what you get

  • Over four hours of information on how to enhance your life in a small group setting
  • Two experienced health professionals with over 25 years experience in the mental health industry
  • A take home "Life Worth Living" Exercise Book with practical ideas and instructional exercises which link in with what you learn on the day
  • A free 30 minute consultation with either Rebecca or Helen following the seminar for questions, advice and support
  • Post workshop join the Life Worth Living Facebook Page for ongoing support, inspiration, sharing of knowledge, ideas and research

From previous attendees:

"There was a world of information... well planned... great advice and a wealth of knowledge and experience - Thank you for sharing!"
"... far exceeded all expectations"
"Best seminar on wellness I have attended"
"Totally AWESOME"
"This seminar made me think of what to do to ensure I stay happy..."
"This was a great time spent..."

what you will learn

  • Find out how to create an attitude of gratitude that will enhance your well-being
  • Understand how 'being happy' has the side effect of many other benefits - including increased success, increased immune function and better relationships.
  • Find out why ruminating is bad for your mental health
  • Know what researchers say about the ways to promote happiness
  • Learn how mindfulness can help reduce stress and lose weight
  • Find out what is the most important key if you want to live a longer life


who should attend

  • People who feel they could be getting more out of life
  • Those who want to reduce stress and cope better with challenging times
  • Sufferers of mild chronic depression
  • Those with a desire to build resilience within themselves
  • People who want additional tools to help them cope with a depressive illness (with or without the help of anti-depressants)
  • People who are curious about what promotes "happiness" and are wanting to do the same
  • Health professionals who are interested in ways of helping the people they work with



Where: Campbell Tyson Centre

When: 20th February, 9.30am - 3.00pm

Cost:  $99* (Early Bird specials of $79 until Feb 10th)

*Bring a friend and the friend pays only half (full) price*

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Deposits can be made to: One Life - 02-0404-0165733-001 (Please include your name in the reference area)