about Helen

A registered nurse with over 20 years experience - fifteen of those in area of mental health. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Nursing (Mental Health) and a Masters in Health Science and am completing ongoing training with ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) and a member of AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association).

I am totally passionate about getting to the core of mental health issues - and truly believe that this can not be achieved with a conventional one prong approach. Mental Health is multi-dimensional - as are the causes of mental illness - from adverse childhood events, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle habits, emotional trauma, physical health issues - these need to be addressed to achieve full mental wellness.


how one life was born

In November 2013 I left my place of employment after 19 years of working as a nurse, 15 of those in psychiatry. I felt frustrated and disheartened with the current medical model in treating psychiatric illness - but no idea on how or what needed to be different.

I took a complete break from nursing and traveled for seven months through Europe and Asia. After much soul searching - I realised my heart was in nursing and in psychiatry - but that I desperately wanted to do things differently.

Helen One Life Nurse

On returning to New Zealand I started up my own business in Wellness Education - with and emphasis on mental health/wellbeing. This transpired into completing a Life Coaching course and the beginnings of "One Life - A Life Worth Living".

Since then I have worked in a holistic health clinic under clinical nutritionist Ben Warren (BePure) which has further enhanced my passion for treating the whole person - taking into account physical health, gut health and the importance of the mind-body connection.

(One of my very favourite papers at the University of Auckland while studying for my Masters was ‘Psychoneuroimmunology’ - the connection between the mind, the immune system and the nervous system. This term has since changed to psychoneuroendocrinoloy - to bring in the endocrine (hormone) system as well).

My understanding is that to be truly well, the mind, body and spirit all need to be engaged. The days of conventional medicine (a pill for every ill) no longer works and is an outdated model of care.

Using a holistic approach - encompassing conventional, alternative and integrative medicine, I am passionate about helping people live their best life possible. I truly want to see people living the life that belongs to them. I am very happy to work with other health professionals to help people achieve their goals.