From Clients

"I honestly felt so springy in my step leaving your office - I don't remember the last time I sat down with another adult and set myself goals and talked about what would make me happy".

Paula B Franklin

"I can't speak highly enough of Helen. It was so nice talking to someone so understanding and helpful, she has helped me so much and given me such wonderful advice, I would highly recommend her to anyone"

Renaye B, Titirangi

"The wealth of information that was shared with me and sent to me was amazing.... I am completely blown away by what I have learnt on that journey. All of the different techniques, exercises, readings and information you provided were absolutely amazing"

Colleen S, Pukekohe

"Thank you Helen, for a really helpful coaching session. I came in with little direction and left with a much better idea of where I am headed"

Emma H, Pukekohe

"I went into this feeling the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t think anything would help me.... You helped me re focus on myself and by the end of the programme i left feeling like i have more to look forward to in life"

I.K, Pukekohe

“I attended one of your workshops a few years ago and thought I would let you know how much it helped me. During the workshop we were asked to “free write” in our booklets, what an ideal life would look like. I was cleaning out my boxes the other day and found this booklet. Tears sprang because almost everything I had wished for, is now my normal. Thank you.”

B.J. Pukekohe


From Clinicians

“...I have always been impressed at her diligent and consistent ability to use herself, her knowledge and her skills to really help people who were often in immense distress. Kind, generous and compassionate Helen is also highly competent and has always shown a dedicated interest in seeking her own personal growth alongside a passionate commitment to learning from a wide range experiences. These have ranged from a high level of  formal education in Nursing and research to the developing a comprehensive range of complementary knowledge and skills.  She has always been able to integrate her caring personality and all these skills to a great advantage in delivering a comprehensive and individual approach to her work"

Sally C, Senior Mental Health Nurse, CMDHB


"Helen is highly skilled, working competently, confidently, and with compassion. She was particularly recognised for her skills in working with people who presented with anxiety, drawing on her training and personal experience in DBT (dialecital behavioural therapy) and Mindfulness. In this latter she helped establish opportunities for staff to develop their own mindfulness practice. She was hard-working, reliable, honest and kind. She was a well-valued member of the team.

Helen is interested in people, always seeing the person beyond a diagnosis, and adopting a holistic approach to mental and general healthcare. She has a passion for living life well, putting into practice herself the skills she offers others."

Jackie, Senior Psychiatrist.