It's time

It's time, don't you think?

Every new year brings about the impetus to pause and reflect.

2016 has arrived.

All those things you've always wanted to do. That life you have wanted to live.

Is it about time you started to put things in place?

Wanting to find your soul mate?

Tired of that job?

Want that house?

Believe that life has got a little something more to offer you than you are currently getting out of it?

What are you doing about it? What small steps are you taking to put things into place?

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take the step" Anon.

It's not just as simple as visualising it - although this is essential. Visualisation creates the image, makes the impossible seem possible. It captures the imagination, stimulates the mind, breeds optimism and brings your line of thinking onto the right path.

Visualising creates the space to recognise and then seize the opportunities when they arise. It brings in and captures the energy you need to get to where you want to go.

But you also need a little action. You need a little action to manifest those dreams. Start putting it in writing. What is it you want? Break it down. What is it you really really want? What steps can you take? What are you going to do today to help put that first thing into place?

Live and breath that energy.

We can be so stuck in the 'when... then..." ("when the kids have left, then I will travel", "when I have x amount of money then I will leave my job") pattern. And although some of those thoughts are driven by common sense, many of those thoughts are driven by fear.

Life is so incredibly short. Before you know it, you are looking down the barrel of retirement and thinking "hang on - I haven't lived my LIFE!".

Start living the life you want to have and start being the person you want to be. Believe in the impossible. Formalise those goals, put the plans in place.

When you have your vision and you have this as your focus everyday - the decisions you make - each minute decision on a daily, hourly basis will be in line with that vision. And guess what? Things start to change.

It's not magic. But it feels like it. Because you start to live your dream. You start to live with abundance. Your energy changes. Your dreams start to follow. You are already there.

It's time. Don't you think?