Services offered

Through one on one, face to face, Skype or Group sessions, we will help you:

  • Understand the ways you can increase your Happiness

  • Understand how nutrition affects well-being and what deficiencies are common in mental illness

  • Put strategies in place to rid yourself of old habits

  • Help you understand how your choices and language shapes your days and your life

  • Wake up with a smile on your face and look forward to your day


one on one - Face to Face

The amount of movement in one session is often enough to allow you to move on substantially - just from one session! It can help you change your thought patterns to set you off on the right track. We will also discuss your goals, along with habits and beliefs that might be holding you back from where you want to be. (See Testimonials) As you continue to be engaged with One Life, we will support these new patterns and the lifestyle changes necessary to improve health and well-being - and get you to be living a life worth living

First session can include:

  • Assessment (physical and mental health and well-being, dietary, lifestyle, spiritual, relationship, environmental)

  • Identification of goals, aspirations, dreams (short term, long term)

  • Beliefs and habits holding you back

  • Refocusing your life direction

  • Introduction to habit changes to improve positive emotions

  • Education to manage mild depression, anxiety symptoms

  • Education re lifestyle and dietary improvements

  • Follow-up email summary of session with outcome and plan to move forward

  • E-mail support

Sessions are $120 for the first session (90minutes). Follow-up sessions are one hour in length at $90.

One on One - On Line

Skype or Zoom sessions are easy, simple and can be completed anywhere in the world. Sessions are approximately one hour in length and are a great way to connect with One Life if the commute is a little too far.

Email me through the contact page for further information.


professional supervision (nursing)

I have completed the Te Pou supervision training for nurses and can provide professional one on one nursing supervision. My expertise is in Mental Health Nursing, however this can be expanded to include other areas of nursing. I have had a number of years experience with supervision - and really enjoy helping nurses to get the best out of their chosen field of work.

"....clinically robust, and very capable of helping me to think my way through & around issues at work. She offers calm and inspiring thoughts on how to improve my practice, and I have found that our time working together has empowered me to make better decisions in my personal life too.

She has a wonderful knack of making it seem like I have reached the breakthrough when we talk, & is able to guide me towards resolution without being directive or simply solving the issue.

I would highly recommend some time working with her!"

(Jeremy Stockton CTC, Mental Health Intake, CMDHB)

Please contact me for further information and prices.


We provide education on how mental and physical health is linked and how research based dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes can enhance well-being. We deliver mental health education (including education on depression, anxiety, who and when to call for help), lifestyle recommendations and skills on how to improve every day living and mental well-being. We have previously offered workshops on enhancing happiness, using tips and techniques research has shown to increase positive mental states. We work closely with the principles of the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

See Mental Health Course for an example of the teaching we can offer to corporate / groups.

Please contact me for further information